TAW Gathers for Syria
Laura Højberg Kunov Frederiksberg Hjælp krigens ofre i Syrien

TAW Gathers for Syria

Dear amazing people of TAW Christmas is the time where we gather in front of fireplaces, drink hot cocoa and eat tons of æbleskiver ☺ It’s also the time to show love to one another and appreciate how lucky we are. Now, why am I sounding like the backside of a 10 kr. Christmas card? Because I feel desperate and sad for the ones that are not able to enjoy the above things. Aleppo in Syria is one big ruin, where, this moment, civilians have been shot in their homes by the Assad regime and bodies are lying on the street. Children have lost their parents, and the ones that are not rescued are left among the ruins to fend for themselves and their siblings. Not to mention the millions of refugees struggling to survive and being welcomed by our increasingly xenophobic governments. I’m not trying to impose a bad conscience on anyone here. I just know a lot of you guys and I know how sweet, caring and awesome all of you are. TAW is the only place I’ve ever been where I felt that noone gets left behind. Maybe we could spread the TAW spirit a little and collect whatever we can offer, to give a helping hand. I know that being a student ain’t easy, and on top of that it’s the month of buying Christmas presents, so money can be a little slim. But ANY contribution will make a difference; if all of us donate just 25 kr. (around 3.5 €) each, we can make 5.000 kr.! This will help over 200 people get food for a month, psychological aid and warm blankets. There are many organizations that are relevant to support and it’s impossible to make a right or wrong choice. Due to the very urgent situation in Aleppo I have chosen to go with Dansk Røde Kors (Danish Red Cross) who work with Syrian Arab Red Crescent. Let us gather in this time and help the best we can.

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Target: 10,000 kr.
12/13/2016 1/20/2017



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TAW Gathers for Syria
Laura Højberg Kunov
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