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GN Store Nord for Japan

As we all know, Japan has been hit by the worst earthquake and tsunami in the country’s history and Japan now faces a humanitarian crisis. Millions of people are left without water, electricity, heat and homes and Japan now faces a recovery and reconstruction bill of several billion USD. The management in the GN Store Nord group has decided to initiate a donation campaign for Japan. The campaign is available to all employees of the GN Store Nord group globally and will run for 3 weeks from today. When the GN campaign closes on April 6, the GN Store Nord foundation will match the amount collected among the employees. To make your donation simply click the donation button on this site and have your credit card ready. If you wish to make an anonymous contribution, just check the appropriate box on the donation form and your name will not be visible. Thank you for your donation. GN Store Nord Executive Management and the GN Store Nord Foundation.

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3/16/2011 4/6/2011

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GN Store Nord for Japan
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