Hong Kong Step Challenge for Red Cross
ULTIMATE STEP CHALLENGE Hong Kong Støt verdens udsatte

Hong Kong Step Challenge for Red Cross

WE ARE GOING BIG THIS TIME! Not long ago 12 of us reached 2.4 million steps in a week earning the Red Cross HKD 25,000.00. The winner alone took 410,000 steps! This time we expect the winner will take more than 500,000 steps in just one week!! We are now 25 people aiming at taking 5 million steps in just 7 days. Updates will be made on a daily basis across social media at www.onceuponasaga.dk The challenge began on August 3rd and ended Sunday 9th at midnight. More: https://dcchk.eventbank.com/event/ultimate-step-challenge-25686/ A big thanks to our corporate sponsors ❤️ Ross DK A/S & Geoop (developing green energy from geothermal resources) – www.rossoffshore.dk – www.geoop.dk DSV Denmark (Global Transport and Logistics) - https://www.dk.dsv.com Danish Crown Hong Kong (global leader in sustainable meat production) - https://www.danishcrown.com/…/danish-crown-pork-k…/hong-kong These outstanding companies have each pledged to donate HKD 0.002 (USD 0.0003) per step we reached. This challenge was powered by Stridekick! Edit: August 10th 2020 The team managed a whopping 6,368,808 steps within the week!! The highest step count recorded by a single person was 603,998 steps by Poul Soendergaard.

Amount Raised:
Target: 30,000 kr.
7/22/2020 12/8/2020



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Hong Kong Step Challenge for Red Cross
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