UROPEAN donations - thank you!
Copenhagen Støt verdens udsatte

UROPEAN donations - thank you!

It has now been a year since the multidisciplinary performance "UROPA" premiered at The Royal Theatre in Copenhagen. We mark this by the release of an audiomontage and by this initiative to support the continuing work of Red Cross. Help us help others by donating above - all payments go directly to Red Cross. Thank you UROPA & co "UROPA - Audio Montage from the performance" Free stream and download here: https://soundcloud.com/mikkel-hess/sets/uropa-audio-montage-from-the-performance Join the UROPEAN release event in Copenhagen, May 25th: www.facebook.com/events/798177100332601 Listening Center's re-constructed audio montage addresses recordings of the production, which include the dialogue and narratives of refugee performers and dancers, along with Mikkel Hess's score. Much of the audio was fed into tape loop systems, which informed the integrations of disparate elements of the piece from successive performances. Dislocated voices speak to us, now heard, now muffled or obscured by radio static; some untouched passages simply tell their own story. UROPA was originally produced by The Royal Danish Ballet, Corpus and Sort / Hvid Teater. You can see more about the original performance in this video: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/a-dance-to-change-denmarks-minds-about-refugees/

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UROPEAN donations - thank you!
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