Aalborg with Nepal
Søren Schmidt Asholt Aalborg Støt ofrene for jordskælvet i Nepal

Aalborg with Nepal

On 25th of April, just last week, a massive earthquake of magnitude 7.9 hit Nepal. The earthquake flattened large parts of the capital, Kathmandu, and completely destroyed villages and towns around the country. The earthquake and the aftershocks, followed by avalanche and landslides have caused devastation in the already very poor country. Nepal’s GDP per capita is $700 (for example, Denmark is $60,000), and in a country where the infrastructure was already weak, this natural disaster has caused damage that would cost up to half of the country’s GDP. The scale of the calamity includes: - Over 7.000 deaths (and counting) - Around 16.000 injuries (and counting) - 8 million people affected - 3.5 million need food assistance - 2.8 million displaced - 1.7 million children directly affected - Hospitals, health facilities, and schools damaged throughout regions. I am from Nepal, and am studying my Masters here in Aalborg University. It has been a wonderful few months here in Denmark with my Danish and international friends. But sometimes, unprecedented events happen, and plans change. I am going home this week, and therefore would like to raise any funds or help that you all can provide. With some extremely thoughtful and helpful friends, we would like to raise funds for the victims and children of Nepal to cope with this horrible tragedy. Please join us and make donations. You can donate money, water purifying pills or filters (available at outdoor stores in Vesterbro, Gammeltorv, and around Aalborg), and emergency blankets. There will also be cakes, tacos, pizza, and other food from around the world that you can buy. ALL the proceeds from this food sale will also go to the fundraiser. Other donations like clothes or food would come handy, but would not be possible to carry with me. Our friends, in collaboration with organizations are working on this, and it would be possible in the long term. EVERY KRONE COUNTS. Please do not underestimate your own help in a moment like this. One Krone, for example, can buy a water-purifying pill that will provide a liter of clean water in the short term and prevent ruthless waterborne epidemics in the long term. Please join us and show your support in any way or amount you can. We would be extremely grateful for your support. Thank you.

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Target: 15,000 kr.
5/4/2015 6/4/2015



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Aalborg with Nepal
Søren Schmidt Asholt
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