Nepal Earthquake Relief Initiative
Rupesh Gautam Esbjerg Støt ofrene for jordskælvet i Nepal

Nepal Earthquake Relief Initiative

A very powerful earthquake (7.9 Richter Scale) struck Nepal on 25th April, 2015. Following the strong initial shock, numerous aftershocks have made lives very difficult in many parts of the country. Thousands have lost their houses and are spending their nights with no roofs over their head. Many have no access to food, water and basic sanitation. The death toll until now has exceeded 7000 and this number is expected to rise as the rescue efforts finally extend to rural hilly/mountainous parts of the country, many of which are still cut-off from any kind of communication. No one knows the exact scale of damage in many such areas. The entire villages have been brought down to rubble in some districts. The presence of government relief teams in these places, despite their utmost effort, has not been adequate enough as there is overwhelming need of service almost everywhere at a time. The relief efforts initiated by the nonprofits including Red Cross and many local groups run by the people with good intentions are in need of funds so that they can distribute very basic stuff like tents, medicines and other medical supplies, food, water and water-purifying tablets to name a few. Even a small contribution from your side (as if you were buying someone a cup of coffee) will mean a lot to those facing the most horrendous times in their lives. The donation you make will be channelized through Danish Red Cross and therefore will not be taxed or levied service charge on, unlike in case of other crowdfunding means. That way all the money will go for helping those in need.

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Target: 8,000 kr.
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Nepal Earthquake Relief Initiative
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